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Welcome to SeeYa web design’s portfolio update for Februari, 2019. In 2017 I mainly invested my time in following courses at the IT institute in Kathmandu (Nepal) and by self-study. In the meantime I brought my knowledge into practice by creating and developing multiple websites and webshops. And as of January 1st 2018, I have launched my own website and have officially started my own business as a professional web designer and developer!



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“Seeya heeft naar ons idee het onmogelijke waargemaakt. Wij als watersportbedrijf hebben de piek in het voorjaar en zomer. Seriana heeft het door duidelijke vragen en blijven aandringen voor elkaar gekregen om in juist deze periode een website voor ons te bouwen. Waar het voor ons niet de prioriteit had, was het dat voor haar wel en plukken we nu de vruchten van een website met de uitermate vriendelijke en bereikbare hulp van Seriana."

Waldo van Hemert

“Seriana made a website design for my physiotherapy practice, that I started in January 2017. Firstly, she made perfectly sure that she knew what kind of website I was looking for, from design until colors. During the building process, she showed me regularly what she had built so far, and changes were easily made. The website was built quickly and she also made an e-mailadress. Seriana made sure that my website has all the settings right for Google to find it. She is very easy to get in contact with and is clear in what she can do for you and in what timeframe, based on your wishes. Basically, anything is possible. Great new, fresh ideas she has! I would definitely recommend her, if anyone is looking for a young, talented webdesigner.”

Marianka Peeters

“Our website is made by Seriana van Hemert. The best thing of Seriana is that you really pulls you through the process of making a website. She is fast and willing and takes the time to listen to your demand and ideas. After that she put this with help of her own creativity to a proposition that together with her you alternate to your ideal website. She is great to work with and we can highly recommend her to other companies.”

Kjille Hoeben

“Seriana asked us the right questions to get to know our band so she could make a matching design. After a few days she already came with the outcome we were looking for! She in creative, responds very fast on email/ phone calls and definitely worthwhile a 5-star review.”

Jagadishwor Joshi

Recent Projects

What I do

Hesseling (2019)

Hesseling asked for a modern website that is easy to find for its visitors. It reflects the passion of the butchers and their respect for animals.

Nepal Fashion Online (2019)

This webshop will be launched soon. It will be a fresh and trendy webshop, easy to use for all its global visitors.

Swarga Nepal (2018)

If you would visit Swarga Children’s home you would be amazed by all the happy faces. The website is bright with a colorful twist.

myTemp (2018)

The myTemp website has a clean and professional look. It gives an easy view for its visitors.

SeeYA Web Design (2018)

The ‘SeeYa Web Design’ website reflects my personal work style: professional, stylish, easy accessable, budget friendly, committed, honest and passionate.


Hotel Wanderlust (2018)

Hotel Wanderlust has everything to offer that a travel can wish for. This website reflects this and is user-friendly.


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√ Budget Friendly
√ Only 5 star reviews
√ Matches Your Timeline
√ One-Stop Shop